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The Ranch


Located near Nipawin, "Saskatchewan's Playground", Beldon Bison Ranch covers an area of approximately 4800 acres.  Located amongst some of the richest farmland the province has to offer, we have taken  marginal farmland and turned it into productive hay and pasture land.  The ranch is owned and operated by Don, Paulette and their son Nathan along with his wife Amanda Scott.



   Don & Paulette started it all in 1987 with just 160 acres, 10 bred cows, a breeding bull and the lofty goal of becoming full time ranchers and creating a sustainable operation to be passed on to the next generation.

   It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with both good and challenging times along the way.  They have often said that there was no discernable trail to follow to achieve this and have had to blaze their own trail.  Many acres, many animals and miles of fence have been added over the years.  Don left his work as an electrician in 1992 and Paulette left her job as a legal secretary in 1996.  Nathan left his work in Oil and Gas in 2011 to return to the ranch full time.  

   The team at Beldon Bison Ranch has been heavily involved in the industry over the years.  Don was the inaugural president of the Saskatchewan Bison Association, the first Chairman for the Canadian National Bison Show and Sale and a director for the Canadian Bison Association.  Don has also been honoured to act as a judge at many bison shows across North America over the years, including the Gold Trophy Show and Sale in Denver.  Paulette was the first female director for the Canadian Bison Association and was Secretary of the Saskatchewan Bison Association.  Amanda was instrumental in the implementation of the Children's Program at the annual CBA convention and Show and Sale.


Don, Paulette, Amanda & Nathan

Deon, Leyton & Jaxen

   Don & Paulette were honoured with the Myrt Lenton award in 1997 for their contributions to the industry.

   The boys love the ranch life and like to be involved whenever they can.  When they can't be working with dad they are playing ranch in the house.  

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