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We are strong believers in only selling products that we use ourselves.  Redmond has been our go to for salt and mineral mixes.  

Redmond has been keen to work with bison producers to produce custom mixes and we are happy to use it and keep some on hand if you would like to give it a try as well!  

Call us @ 306-862-4931 for more information or click on the Redmond logo to be taken to their website.

Co-designed by Don more than 20 years ago, Beldon Bison Ranch has been using the Cypress Industries Bison Feeder ever since.  

The open corners on this feeder allow for peripheral vision so animals do not feel confined.  The swing up ladder and removable hitch provide a complete bump free zone.  Feed openings are adjustable from 1-7 inches and the feeder has jack stands front and back.  The catwalk around the feeder protects against moisture and allows easy filling of the 300 bushel feeder through a full sized door.  Sitting on a 10,000 lb axle and 11L15 tires this feeder is easy to move.  

   All of our original feeders are still in use and we can't seem to find an expiration date on these things!

Call us @ 306-862-4931 for more information.


Cypress Industries Feeders

2W equipment is made tough and can stand up to the strength of bison. Whether you are making an alley, or pens, our sheeted bison equipment paired with our 600 series equipment will help you build a handling facility for even your wildest bison.

All bison equipment is made out of 2″, 13 gauge tubing and 16 gauge sheet metal.

Built to provide flexibility for your individual requirements, 2W Bison Gates and Panels have 16 gauge sheet metal to stand up to these strong animals. This equipment also fits into the 600 series for your complete bison equipment needs.

We have been using and selling 2W Equipment for more than 20 years. For more information please contact us @ 306-862-4931.

2W Livestock Equipment

Redmond Salt & Mineral Products

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